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Bait Threading Fishing Equipment

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What An Amazing Product To Add To Your Tackle Box

This new fishing accessory will really get the attention of the trophy fish. This indispensable tool makes treading bait, live or plastic such as Shrimp, Night Crawlers or Minnows onto fishing hooks in about half the time while giving them a more natural look. Then with a simple process just fill up the injection tube with any fish attractant or just air for a worm blower (for some flotation) and then inject into the bait. Just click on How it Works and find out how easy, simpler and better way of threading bait than any thing you have ever seen.

  • Threading minnows up to six inches in Length
  • Check out this new way of threading shrimp onto a hook.
  • Great for ice fishing.
  • Convenient sealed carrying case for storage
  • Does not take up hardly any space in your tackle box
  • Threads worms, minnows, shrimp,grubs,and much more
  • Easy to use with simple instruction enclosed for worms and minnows
  • Also can be used a a reel oiling tool as well

This will enhance your fishing experience by making this an essential part of your fishing gear. Whether you're a novice or veteran angler, doc baits will become one of your most treasured fishing accessories.

This fishing product is a perfect gift for that fishing person who almost has everthing. For only $3.50

About Fish Attractants

Fish have a sense of smell about a million times better than humans do. This is scientific fact. In their water world, they are continually sensing both good and bad odors as molecules of scent, taste, and odor diffuse their way from both live and dead food sources. Sharks can follow just a few molecules of scent like blood to its source from miles away. Fish depend on their sense of smell to find food. You can help them. Once they get interested, they might strike because of sight, vibration, lure action, or because they see or smell food. Once they have taken your bait they are more likely to keep it longer if they like the taste. Your odds on setting the hook will be greatly increased by using it rather than not.

And as Doc Baits would say " fish On"







Coming soon a new product for threading cheese on a hook. You will be simply amazed

For the love of Fishing